TSCALE Coin Counting Scale



 ■ Power: 220VAC mains ■Plate 
   dimensions: 230mm x 300mm
 ■ 24mm LCD, white LED backlight 
 ■ Responds quickly with accurate
 ■ Internal resolution: 1/600,000 
 ■ Standard rechargeable battery,
    provide up
 ■ Programmable for other currencies to
    90 hours of continuous use.
 ■ Standard RS-232 I/F - can connect to
    a printer or computer
 ■ Application programs include: preset
    tare, accumulation
 ■ Presets for all SA (old & new coins)
    coin values: 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, R1,
    R2, R5 (old) & R5 (new)



"The World's Fastest Cashier"


 Tellermate equipment counts both Notes and Coins on a single platform.  For over 30 years 
 Tellermate products have assisted companies all over the world process their cash. 
 Tellermate has helped these companies count cash quickly, accuratly and efficiently. Today,
 Tellermate  systems process over £1 billion daily in over 20 currencies across 30 countries.
 Tellermate is trusted by over 250,000 businesses worldwide


      Benefits and Features

  • Simple, Fast and Efficient - reduce cash up time by up to 70%
  • Counts notes and coins on a single device  - no separate coin and note counting equipment
  • Counts Notes – loose, clipped or bundled (100 notes) - Counts Coins - in a bag or cup
  • Compact & Robust
  • Counts coupons and tokens
  • Auto Scroll & Auto Add – improves counting speed
  • Counts & balances float automatically  - 4 customisable float values
  • 2 Count types – improves administration (count & banking)
  • Improves accuracy – reduces discrepancies in Cashier, Bank and Customer transactions
  • On screen “count total” (can be printed) - reduces need for additional equipment (calculators) and ensures easy detection of shortages or surpluses in transactions
  • Reduces cashier “turnaround” time (cash up in under 5 min)
  • Skim tills during a shift – reduces risk at cashier point
  • Improved security – cash can be banked faster
  • Software driven with no moving parts – software easily upgraded
  • Low cost ownership - little to no routine maintenance required
  • Can connect to Tellermate printer – reduces manual processes – most valuable when used with a printer.

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   Benefits and Features

  • Counting speed: 1000 notes per minute
  • Hopper Capacity: 100 Notes (Stacking capacity of circulated notes)
  • Counting display: 4-digit LED                
  • Batch display: 3-digit LED
  • External 3 digit display: external display with 1.3M cable
  • Counting mode: Auto-reset, Continue, Batch
  • Counterfeit detection: UV & MG detection


External Display

  • Error detection: Double, Half and Chain feed notes
  • Currency – UV detection All currencies/MG South African Rand
  • Dimensions – Box: 345 X 290 X215mm/Machine 305 X 248 X 165mm
  • Weight – In Box 6.2kg – Net weight 5.1kg






Automatic Coin Counter/Sorter
The UNIQUE light duty Coin Counter &
Sorter is a simple, fast and accurate
way to automate counting and
sorting coins.

Benefits and Features

  • Significantly reduces the time spent on counting and
    sorting coins
  • Prepares floats
  • Counts and Sorts mixed coins
  • Displays total value of coins counted
  • Displays individual number of coins
  • Batches coins - Easily Preset
  • Large 7 digits LED Display
  • Counting speed of up to 216 coins per minute
  • Each receiving slot capacity 80-150 coins


Benefits and Features

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Used to detect Counterfeit Notes, check Credit Cards and view watermarks on Cheques and Notes.
  • Suitable for use in well-lit areas
  • Robust unit
  • Bulbs: 2 X 6W BULB

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